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CIS 296: Web & Graphics Internship Frequently Asked Questions

Ask instructors, co-workers, friends, family, neighbors if they know of any potential sites, "cold call" by taking a resume to various business related to your degree (for example: Internet service providers, schools, print shops/copy shops, graphic art companies, computer repair shops, INTERNET cafe, web design consultants, etc.), Use the college central database to search, Use the resources of the college's career center; Yvonne Fricker, the college's Internship Coordinator, may have some suggestions or contacts (contact information: or 618-222-5553), Find internship placements that former students have used Here.
Internships require 160 hours at a job site (average of 10 hours a week), Cover Letter & Resume, Present Portfolio, Book Assignments, Mock Interview, Reflection Paper and Presentation.
Minimum GPA of 2.5, Enrollment in last semester of study prior to graduation, Approval of the Program Coordinator
An internship can be voluntary or paid. Please keep in mind that the internship is a "class"; it would be great if students get paid "to attend class" but it is an added benefit. Most of the internships that students find are unpaid.
Contact Nikki Hensley immediately to discuss the issue. Do not wait until the end of the semester as soon as you see concern contact her.
Nikki Hensley is the program coordinator for Graphic Communications & Web Development degrees at SWIC. Her contact information is: Nikki Hensley; 618-222-5382.