CIS 176: Web Dev I/Dreamweaver Assignments

Week 13-16

Assignment 11: 470 Points
Due Date: Final Exam Date

Participation in the team. This means shows up to class, works with the team, follows deadlines and contributes. = 75 points (graded throughout)

Each of you will read the Interview Form and understand the client's needs. If you have questions you will ask me to contact the client to ask more questions.

Each of you will look at other competitors websites and compare with the clients needs. You will write down three things you like from the other websites and the link to them. = 15 points - Due March 30 @ 1:45 PM

Each of you will complete your own wireframe outline, protoype, banner, graphic for the client. = 50 points Due April 6 @ 1:45 PM

You will then compare each other's outlines, prototype, banner and graphic and pick one for use of client. Due April 11 @ 1:45 PM

Your group will pick a bootstrap template to use for the site. Due April 11 @ 1:45 PM

You will create your website - by dividing the task up. Creating a thread on blackboard will help with communication and version controls. =200 points Due April 27 @ 1:45 PM

After completion you will have user testing done by another group. = 25 points Due May 2 @ 1:45 PM
*Note I will pass out a survey for you to complete on the other's site

You will make changes based on the user testing = 20 points Due May 4 @ 1:45 PM

You will show to the client and receive feedback. = 20 points Due May 4 @ 1:45 PM - Feedback on May 9

You will make changes to the site based on feedback and user. = 20 points - Final Exam Date

Post to the SWIC Server = 25 points (Each student needs to post to their server account) - Final Exam Date

Present to the class final project = 20 points (Each student needs to say what they did on the project) - Final Exam Date

Client website completed.

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