CIS 176: Web Dev I/Dreamweaver Assignments

Week 13-16

Assignment 6: 455 Points
Due Date: December 12, 2017
Final Exam Date

You will be graded on the following

Participation in the team. This means shows up to class, works with the team, follows deadlines and contributes.
Point Value = 75 points from me and you will be graded by your teammates as well 25 points. Total 100 points

You will create your website - by dividing the task up. Creating a thread on blackboard will help with communication and version controls.
-You will add the instructor to your form of communication
-You will give the instructor a breakdown of who is doing what in your group.
Example of Project Plan
Point Value = 200 points

After site is completion for round 1 you will have user testing done by another group.
Peer Review
Point Value= 25 points
Due November 21

You will make changes based on the user testing feedback. List changes in a document titled usertesting.doc
Point Value= 20 points

You will show to the client and receive feedback. You can fill out this form for your client debrief.
Client Debrief
Point Value= 40 points
Due November 30

You will make minor changes based on client feedback.
Point Value = 20 points

Each student will post the entire site to the SWIC server space My_Client.
Point Value = 25 points

Each student will present what they did to the class.
Presentation Ideas and Best Practices
Point Value = 25 points
Due Final Exam Day

Client website completed.

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