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CIS 164: Internet Essentials Syllabus and Book Information

  • Start date: Jan 17 2017
  • Duration: 16 weeks
  • Book: None
  • Location: Information Science Building; Room 2158; Tuesday & Thursday 11:00-12:15

Welcome to Internet Essentials. This course will get you familiar with the basics of the Internet. Some things that we do in this class are learn the basics of searching Google, ethics in computing, privacy, blogs, chat session, web site design, security, e-commerce and much more. This is an interactive class and I enjoy teaching this course as I love staying up to date on what the new technology is.

You will need a flash drive or a cloud saving tools such as Google Drive as we do many assignments and you need to save your work. We upload all of our work in blackboard. The grades are stored in blackboard as well. Watch the videos to your right if you need help understanding how to upload, review assignments, and so forth.

There is no book for the in class section of this course. You will find all the resources you need to complete the assignments on this website. This class is very interactive and attendance is important to learn the material.

The following illustrates the points that you can receive in this class.

Assignment Points
Test 150
Weekly Assignments 535
Research Paper and Presentation 150
Blog 100
Web Site 120
Total Points 1055
Grade Total Points
A 1055-950
B 949-844
C 843-738
D 737-633
F 632 and below


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